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1978 saw the founding of what now stands as the largest, oldest and most reliable car rental company Malawi has been privileged to birth. Wholly owned and entirely run by the Singh family, this indigenous company boasts the largest fleet of vehicles in the country. Take a look at our list of vehicles to hire.

By being the oldest car rental company in Malawi, it was us who set the trend, it was us who established standards and it is us operating not only the largest but the newest fleet countrywide.

With a fleet that ranges from the small to the executive, from a 4 wheel drive to the utility and the trucks. We proudly present a vehicle range consisting of Mercedes Benz and BMW in our executive range. Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Honda furnish our saloons, 4 wheel drives and off-roaders. We have both 16 and 26 seat busses, oh and of course, motorbikes for the fun loving!