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Being the oldest car rental company in Malawi, we operate with the largest and newest fleet countrywide.

  • How do I pay?
    A minimum deposit of between U$D200.00 and U$D1,000.00 is required prior to collection of a vehicle. A valid credit card may be used in lieu of cash. A Local Purchase Order (LPO) is only accepted with prior arrangement. This can be waivered only by management discretion. Visa and MasterCard credit cards accepted, however a 5% Bank charge applies to all card transactions
  • Do you offer chauffeurs?
    Our friendly and experienced chauffeurs are available at USD10.00 per day. Should they spend the night away or work later than 18:00hrs, they will be entitled to an allowance of USD20.00 towards meals, transport and accommodation. The allowance is subject to change in accordance with the areas our chauffeur may be lodging as well as market forces. Overtime, a labour law directive, is applicable to all hours worked outside normal working hours. This is charged at USD1.00 per hour.
  • What if I'm late in returning the vehicle?
    We reserve the right to engage a debt collector on all late payments. All costs, interests, fees and charges incurred are chargeable to the hirer.
  • Do I get a tank of fuel?
    Vehicles are provided to you with a full tank of fuel. They must be returned the same way. Fuel consumed along the course of the hire is for the client's account and does not form a part of the rental agreement.
  • Do you offer insurance?
    Third Party insurance is included free in the rental. All damages caused by driver fault/road conditions, animals, plants and the like are chargeable in full for recovery and repairs. Tyre and windscreen damage is not included in the insurance - the hirer will be charged for new tyres/windscreen if damaged. Comprehensive cover may be available on request. Self insured? No problem, send us a copy of your cover and we will see if it can be added to the rental.
  • Covid 19
    Don't worry. All our vehicles are sanitised and disinfected before hire. Our staff will maintain social distance and carry out the necessary safety measures as stipulated by the Ministry of Health. When being driven by our chauffeurs, they will at all times wear a face mask whilst in the vehicle. Please help us, to help you. If you have any further questions or requests, feel free to ask.
  • Recovery/Breakdown
    Your rental includes breakdown cover. Emergency numbers will be provided when collecting the vehicle. Recovery time will vary according to your location and time. A recovery charge will apply if caused by driver negligence, road conditions and/or animals etc.
  • Is there an age limit?
    Our minimum age required on all classes is 23 and maximum age 70. This can be waived by management discretion.
  • I have another question that's not listed here...
    We all have questions, feel free to reach out to us through the contact us section and we will do our best to help in answering anything you might not be sure about. You can also view a list of our vehicles to hire.
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